TAG Heuer announces its ‘smartwatch’ hand of Google and Intel

The clock uses the line design of TAG Heuer watches, but will have an Intel processor and operating system will be Android Wear of Google

TAG Heuer, the Swiss watch 155 years of existence, announced Monday Connected TAG Heuer, a smart watch made of the very companies Intel and Google technology.

“The clock reveals the marriage of Watch Valley (Watch Valley) and Silicon Valley,” Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of TAG Heuer, said during the event. Biver also said that the watch will be sold on Monday, November 9 from noon in twelve stores in the United States.

The watch will cost US $ 1,500 and his face has a size of 46mm. The Connected Watch also feature six different straps in various colors that can be purchased separately. The Connected Watch is inspired by TAG Heuer Carrera line, which is also made of aluminum.

The watch company confirmed the development of this watch since March. On that occasion, the Swiss watchmaker said that the Connected Watch would be faithful to the ideals of the company, but with the collaboration of Intel and Google mechanical watch.

The Connected Watch can be purchased for US $ 1,500.

For example, in the face of the clock may be set different digital cover art created by Google for Android Wear, and also you can see the hands and the internal machinery of TAG Heuer. On the screen you can see information such as weather, the steps taken or calories burned during the day.

The Connected Watch have all the benefits of Android Wear to see message notifications and other applications, as well as the ability to use Google Now. The smart watch, thanks to using Android Wear, you can connect with Android and iOS watches.

Biver said during the event they wanted to make a smart watch that could celebrate the longevity of the machine clock. To do this, when the Intel processor and Android Wear become obsolete, users with a Connected Watch can go to a store after the first two years of use and turn your clock in a mechanical watch for an additional $ 1,500.

With its price of US $ 1,500 TAG watch becomes the most expensive in the ecosystem of Android Wear smartwatch, but no more expensive watch. The Apple Watch Gold Edition has a maximum price of US $ 17.000.

According to the latest study of the market analysis firm Canalys, the Apple Watch is the most sold 7 million units distributed in the last 5 months watch.