Neo PS4: Sony confirms new console with 4K

suspicions are confirmed: Sony is preparing a new similar to PS4 compatible with 4K resolution console.

Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said in an interview with The Financial Times that the new console, internally known as “Neo”, not yet have a release date, but that it will cost more than the current console with a price of US $ 350.

Neo is aimed at consumers with 4K TV and passionate players. House added that the new console will not be presented at E3 this year, the largest in the video game industry in Los Angeles from next week’s show.

House said he did not present the console at E3 because they prefer to wait to have an ecosystem of ready games for the console and display both, before having a product not finished.

Neo’s arrival does not mean the disappearance or discontinuance of the current PS4, as House told the FT that both consoles will be sold at par during the life cycles of both. This sounds consistent, because the PS4 would be for gamers without 4K TV.

Sony is not alone in the manufacture of next generation console. In the range of high-end consoles, Microsoft is working on “Scorpio”, the next version of the Xbox One, according to the site Polygon games. Scorpio would have a power of 6 teraflops (or floating point operations per second, a measure of performance of a device), reported the site, while Neo would just 4.14 teraflops.

The new Xbox One that Microsoft plans to launch in 2017 is “technically capable of operating with Oculus Rift”. This could be the result of a partnership between Microsoft and Oculus, paving the way for the controls on the Xbox One is included in the sale package for VR device.

an expert will be covering all the details of E3 from Los Angeles from June 13.