MediaTek Previous 361 Smart Shoe

BARCELONA – Unlike health monitors and other technology products dress, it is very difficult to forget put your shoes before leaving. What makes a nifty place to put a GPS tracker to know where your loved ones are. We are introducing children’s shoes 361, with MediaTek technology.

To create the shoes, the Taiwanese chip maker MediaTek has given the team to 361, a huge Chinese shoemaker. Smart shoes in China will next month. A spokesman said MediaTek will cost about 500 yuan. No go on sale in the rest of the world, but to give you an idea, that’s about US $ 80.

Inside the shoe is a Aster MediaTek processor with 4MB of memory and a GPS chip, which records go where shoes and sends the information to an app on your phone. So you can see on your phone the whereabouts of your child. Additional functions that can be added to the app include geographical boundaries, which would send a signal to your phone when the shoes out of a predetermined area.

The first version of smart shoes is designed for young children, with fun and bright in tennis with a wide design colors. The battery recharges shoes without connecting. Children simply remove them and put them in a wireless base station to recharge. The chip inside does not use too much energy, so 520mAh battery lasts a couple of days.

Potentially, the smart technology could be used in other shoes, perhaps designed for seniors or others at risk for relatives or caregivers can track their movements.

The most obvious concern is safety. Each time a device sends information to another, this information is potentially vulnerable to being intercepted. Parents face a unique modern dilemma: prefer the risk of not knowing where your children are, or risk that others can also get that information?

Other people may also worry about individual privacy. This perhaps is no problem with young children who need to be watched all the time, but with older children or elderly people who deserve some degree of autonomy.

I saw smart shoes 361 in Device Mobile World Congress, the annual event where the mobile technology industry meets to demonstrate their new products. Along with smart caps and scarves also they unveiled very soon you will look all smart attire.

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