How to configure an Android Wear watch on an iPhone

Apple finally allowed Google to integrate its Android Wear smart watches within its ecosystem of iOS. Here are step by step how to configure both devices.

Before you begin make sure you reset your Android watch to the factory settings. The LG Watch Urbane is the first to be compatible, but most Android watches can be matched in the future.

Go to the app store on iPhone and download the free application for Android Wear. When finished installing, open the Bluetooth application and active.

Follow the instructions on the mobile application and then enter the confirmation code that appears on the clock.

Once the phone has detected the clock, you must log into your Google account on the iPhone. Google Now and enables active notifications and location in the next screen.

Now you will receive all notifications, calls, emails and text messages from your iPhone on the clock. If the notification comes from an application like Hangouts or Google Gmail, you can answer from the watch, but if it comes from iMessage will have to answer your phone.

If you use email from Google, you can receive and respond to your emails from the clock.

Go to Android Wear app on iPhone, click nut Settings> Mail Cards> and active advanced option cards Gmail.

When you receive an email on the clock, slide to the right to store, delete or reply, either dictating or drawing your message.

It is worth mentioning that the Android Wear experience with the iPhone will not be like an Android device because it is not 100 percent integrated with applications such as Apple iMessage and does not allow third party applications to download to watch.

But despite these limitations, the arrival of iOS Android Wear is a positive step for iOS users who will have more choices than ever technology to look on the wrist.