Organize your ‘feed’ to Facebook to see what interests you

Do not be one of those people who constantly complain about Facebook. Be proactive and use these tricks to create the perfect feed.

Are you sick of all those Juanes, Marys and Josephs that no longer appear in your Facebook? You probably already know that labeling people as “known” (instead of as friends) makes it appear less. But to label everyone can take a long time if you already have hundreds of friends. Instead use this tool to organize friends.

Get rid of heavy people

The tool lets you create a list of people who do not normally interact. If someone actually do you like listed, click your photo to deselect it. After that click on the button “Add to known”. These people will be classified in the category of known and will not see their activity on your Facebook.

Do you have the opposite problem and think I do not see enough in Facebook? Try this

Recover your friends and your pages

1. Go to the Facebook page interests.

2. Click the button that says “+ Add interests.”

Viewing only people that interest you …

3. Click the button “+ Create List”.

4. Use the tool to find all the pages and people you find interesting. Select pages and friends you would like to add and click “Next”.

6. Choose a name for your list.

7. Choose who can see your list and click “Done”.

Now that your list is complete, you can look instead of just base yourself in your regular feed. Lower down to the category of “interests” there is the left side of your ‘feed’ and click on your new list. You will see the new posts of everything that interests you.

The new Apple iOS Homekit 10

We had time waiting for Apple to develop better controls for smart home. It is time to show what they have achieved with improvements in iOS HomeKit 10.

HomeKit was first announced two years ago during the presentation of WWDC in 2014, it is a set of protocols on how products smart home should work together and make it integrate with iOS. This year 10 will be a new iOS App, Home, which will serve as the central point of organization of all smart home devices, along with support for some categories of gadgets like cameras. You can also access your devices from the Control Center, where there will be a section dedicated to smart home.

It will have icons to access all your devices. You can turn on and off lights smart. And thanks to 3D Touch you can add additional options and information for each device: the images collected by the camera doorbell of your house, for example, with the option to open the door if you see someone who needs to go.

IOS 10 you will see the camera images directly from your smart home on the screen to unlock the phone.

The app Home is designed to centralize control your smart home and serve as a single command center of everything that has to do with HomeKit. It is quite a change from previous versions of iOS in which HomeKit was practically invisible and there was only a small section of the settings of your device.

A dedicated app to your home will also help organize this accumulation of external apps to control everything that has to do with HomeKit. Some of these apps work pretty well but the variety of options can confuse or even frustrate users. Apple says it expects to have dedicated Home also controls the Apple Watch.

Apple also made sure to reiterate some of the attractions of HomeKit (the possibility of developing “scenes” that control multiple devices with a single command Siri, for example) and point to the growing number of manufacturers have joined HomeKit.

However, that number has not grown as quickly as if that has happened to other platforms for smart home. Popular household appliances such as the Nest smart thermostat or horn Amazon Echo function more connected to home than it does HomeKit products. It is clear that Apple still has much work to do. But getting HomeKit more visible and understandable is a good step in the right direction.

Samsung: The Note 7 without faults will be available next week

The new Galaxy Note 7 without battery failure, will be available from next week, according to Samsung.

After confirming the withdrawal of 1 million units of Galaxy Note 7 due to a battery failure, Samsung says the device faultlessly will be available from next week.

The South Korean manufacturer on Friday shared their exchange program in the US for owners Note 7. With the program, owners of a Note 7 you can change to another Note 7 with the fixed ruling, which the company says will be available the week starter, or a Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. People who choose other cellular Family Samsung will receive a gift card of $ 25 or a credit for the same amount on your phone bill.

This site has asked Samsung whether sales of the new Note 7 without faults will resume next week. Note update when we get response.

The exchange plan comes hours after the company confirmed the withdrawal of the worldwide market for its latest phone. According to the company, there have been reports of 35 cases in which batteries Note 7 exploded. In total, Samsung sold more than 1 million cell phones directly to consumers but has distributed a total of 2.5 million retail, as reported by Reuters.

Samsung urges consumers to return the Note 7 to the store or to the telephone operator where they purchased the device, or call 800-Samsung for steps to follow to return or exchange the device. US phone, as Verizon, AT & T, Sprint and T-Mobile, have also shared their plans to accept Note 7 for return or exchange.

How to clean your phone or tablet before reselling

If you are considering selling your old device, be sure to clean it properly to reduce the risk that your personal data from falling into the wrong hands.

Remember that no method – except to destroy your phone and storage – is 100 percent safe. This means that data can still be recovered with the right tools.

Before you begin

These tips apply for major mobile operating systems, but if you have an older device or another operating system, take a look at your manual for details on how to clean or delete.

The easiest way to clean your Android device is to perform a factory reset. However, this usually only erases data at the application level, but other data such as SMS and chat messages can be retrieved with a few standard tools.


You must then encrypt your device through the setup menu. You will not need special tools, just a little patience.

Once the cleaning is finished, remember revoke access to your device services such as Facebook and Google. To remove devices from your Google account, go to, click on the device model you’ve cleaned and press Remove (Remove) that is next to the Account Access option ( account access).


Apple devices that support iOS 5 or higher include hardware encryption when you set an access code. If you do a cleaning method listed below, the encryption key is superimposed, making it difficult for someone to recover your data.

Step 1: Before starting the reconfiguration process, be sure to disable all services, starting with Find My Phone (find my phone). You can do this to go to Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone. Enter your Apple ID access code.

Windows Phone

Step 2: Sign out of iCloud. Go to Settings> iCloud and looking Sign Out at the bottom of the page. For iOS devices 7, select Delete Account (Delete Account).

If you delete all your data manually without leaving your iCloud account, this will also delete all the content you have in iCloud – which is something that probably will not want to do.

Step 3: Disable and logs of all services including iMessage and Apple ID.

How to clean your phone or tablet before …

To iMessage, go to Settings> Messages> iMessage. For your Apple ID, go to Settings> iTunes & App Store> add a touch to your email address in Apple ID and then Sign Out.

If you want to be calmer, you want log individually from other services and apps, like Facebook and Twitter.

Step 4: Start the cleaning process. Go to Settings> General> Reset> Erase All Content and Settings (Erase all content and settings). Confirm selection.

Step 5: If you registered your Apple device through the serial number, remove it from your profile support to enter your Apple ID in

Right now, Windows Phone only provides encryption for business. The easiest option to clean up a Windows Phone 8 device is to perform a factory reset and then load dummy data superimposed on the original information.

Step 1: Open Settings from the main list of apps. Search About (About) and then add a touch to Reset Your Phone (Resets your phone).

Step 2: Confirm the action and wait for the phone to perform cleaning.

Step 3: Connect your phone to your PC and open My Computer. If you are connecting through Mac, download the Windows Phone app. Find the phone on your computer, which should appear as a device that can remove, and open it.

Step 4: Add the dummy data to your phone to drag and drop the data from a different folder. Do not use your photos or personal documents. Instead, it uses files that do not contain metadata that you can identify, like a video or music files. Try to fill your phone with as many dummy data.

Step 5: Reset your phone using the same method as step one. Repeat the load dummy data a few times to make sure they have been recorded on the original data.

Step 6: Make a final reconfiguration.

The band Acer Liquid Leap + is now available in US

Equipped with a 0.94-inch touch screen and interchangeable straps, the band of physical activity Acer Liquid Leap + and went on sale in the United States. Although he had an original price of US $ 99.99, the device currently costs US $ 79.99 with a special offer.

The Leap + is the first band of physical activity that the Taiwanese company launches in US Globally, however, it is the second device technology that has launched Acer dress after the Leap.

The monitor, which is waterproof, works with iOS, Android and Windows devices when used in conjunction with the Health app Acer. You can count your steps, track your runs, keep the data of the calories you’ve burned during the day and record the number of hours you slept.

It also syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, which lets you control your music and receive notifications of calls, text messages and emails.

The battery of the band promises to last up to 5 days of continuous use and up to 10 days of standby. It comes in three colors: black, pink and green.

How to save battery in your camera

There are few things as annoying photographer who run out of battery when you still have the big picture ahead of the day. To avoid this, we have some tricks that will help that your camera battery last a little longer.

As with mobile phones, one of the things that consume battery is the screen of your camera. To save battery power, reduces glare to a minimum and stop looking at the pictures you’ve taken every minute. If possible, disable the option that makes the picture appears on the screen nothing taken, or limítala one or two seconds.

How to save battery in your camera

To save the most, you should use the optical viewfinder to compose your images rather than on the screen. This may not be possible in your compact camera, if no optical viewfinder, and if it is, you have to consider parallax error, which photograph refers to the difference between what you’re seeing through the viewfinder and what will actually appear in the picture when you make, especially over short distances. This is because what you see in the viewfinder is not exactly the same record the object and the camera sensor. The documentation of your camera should cover these issues, but the practice also teach you the specifics of your camera.

Obviously, a good battery will last you more. Do not leave your batteries and do not let the contact points dirty. If you are in a very cold climate, you keep ‘a warm temperature, either in your pocket or bag.

And remember to remove the batteries from your camera if you are not going to be used in a long time.

There are many functions on your camera are optional and consuming battery. For example, image stabilization (IS), you do not really need if you are in a situation with lots of light or when you are using a tripod. Unplug it.

You can also ask yourself stop using autofocus for everything and use manual focus. The constant search point autofocus also consumes a lot of battery, especially in situations of very little light, where you may have already noticed that your camera and lens make a great effort to find something to focus in the dark.

If you’re not ready to let go of autofocus, you can at least change it to focus on a single point (usually known as single-point), so that the camera will only have to focus on one point instead of going looking more for the entire image. Evita also be pressing the button halfway to focus when you know you’re not yet taking the picture, and do it only when really you’re ready.

And again, as you know happens with mobile phones, options such as GPS or Wi-Fi including some cameras consume a lot of battery. Desconéctalas when they need them, which is probably most of the time.

The flash from your camera consumes a lot of battery. I disconnect. And if you really need a flash, and your camera allows, you use an external flash are their own batteries, but remember that these also be exhausted quickly.

Long exposures eat your battery. Keep the shutter open for many seconds, plus the extra time to process the image, finish your reservation, so avoid if not necessary. The same applies to high ISOs and when you use the burst shooting or take many consecutive pictures. If you need to save battery, think if you really need 10 shots of the same image.

And the video, meanwhile, is another world. You think you need the screen continuously and processing is much more costly, so it consumes a lot more power than the picture, especially when HD. If you really want to record videos of some duration and in good quality, you have to have extra batteries. If not, you think if you really prefer to make a few cortitos video instead of taking a number of pictures, because you’re going to consume the same amount of battery.

Obviously, the easiest way to make sure you have battery is to have more than one. If you run out of battery happens to you often, it may be better to invest in a spare.

You can buy one from the same manufacturer, which will cost expensive, or another company, but make sure it is compatible. However, cheap batteries tend to have a much shorter life, and may stop working overnight, so take this into account when calculating your budget.

If you are an advanced user and you have a reflex, you can ask to buy a battery grip, or grip, which is attached to your camera and allows you to store extra battery. The good news is that you forget to go charging more batteries in your pocket, and that will provide more grip, especially when you use your camera vertically, but it is a heavy and expensive accessory.

And if you’re really running out of battery, but you want to make that last shot, turn it off for a few seconds. This may give you power to a final image.

Samsung introduces the Galaxy View, a giant tablet with Android

The Galaxy View is made to consume video thanks to its 18.4-inch screen

After giving a preview of the tablet at an event in September, Samsung made it official on Wednesday its tablet Galaxy View, a device with a 18.4-inch screen that lists the company as the largest mobile market with Android.

At Samsung, we are committed to creating new possibilities and offering consumers the best mobile experience, “said JK Shin, CEO of mobile business and IT at Samsung, said in a statement.” We are very excited to announce the Galaxy View as a new way of consuming video mobile phones and entertainment “.

Samsung says that this tablet is made from 100 percent to consume video content. The interface is optimized for viewing videos, it shows information about TV shows, series and movies like Netflix or Hulu services in the same without switching between applications screen.

Samsung says the battery of 5,700mAh offers duration of 8 hours continuous video playback, although the duration may vary depending on use, among other variants. The tablet also has a base to place it on a flat surface and also has a handle to grip like a purse.

The 18.4-inch screen is not the great wonder, it has a resolution of 1,920×1,080 pixels. It also has an eight-core processor and 1.6GHz speed, the –única– camera located at the front is 2.1 megapixels, the tablet runs Android 5.1 Lollipop. The enormous weight of the device is 2.65kg.

RAM is not as big as the device itself and only has 2GB. Its internal storage is 32 and has input or 64GB MicroSD card. Samsung will also sell a model with LTE connectivity, although it is strange to think that the Galaxy View is used in the subway or anywhere away from home.

The interface of the Galaxy View Family Square also features a customizable screen to add information from family and friends and see all of your personal and social networking on the huge screen of the device information.

Spotify is not for sale, says Daniel Ek

If technological giants in Silicon Valley were taking the portfolio to buy Spotify, you better keep the back: Spotify is not for sale, according to the latest statements by Daniel Ek, chief executive of the firm streaming music.

Under the symposium Brilliant Minds, which seeks to bring together musicians and the technology community to work together, Ek told the media that attended the company is not for sale because “his ambition with Spotify is prove he can be a” super company in Europe, “Reuters reported Thursday.

The claim Ek comes with speculation that Spotify soon become a public company and begin trading on the stock market, although the fact that the company still does not generate profits is one reason to think that a technology giant would bid for Spotify says Reuters.

In the absence of profits, Spotify survives thanks to the pockets of its investors. The latest investment was US $ 500 million in May, which gave a valuation of US $ 8.500 million to Spotify, according to Yahoo.

Quarter after quarter, Spotify has struggled to generate profits, because according to Reuters, 80 percent of their income goes to pay licenses to the music industry that has the rights to the music available in your service. Spotify has a catalog of just over 30 million songs.

A Spotify spokesman gave no further comments.

Spotify is a music streaming service most used by users pay. Swedish origin service has 30 million monthly subscribers, and just over 70 million users who use the free version with advertising platform.

How to turn your car into an intelligent auto

If you live in the United States, it is quite possible that the state where you live has already banned talking and texting on a mobile device while you’re behind the wheel. However, I’m sure there are times not to resist the urge to answer the phone or respond to text while driving on streets and expressways.

Well no because mortified. With these simple tips you can make your car one a little smarter and, incidentally, save -peor- a fine or lose your license for not obeying traffic laws.

How to turn your car into an intelligent auto

What makes a smart car? Nothing more and nothing less than having Bluetooth technology. And that, fortunately, is easy to find.

Bluetooth is a sensor technology that enables wireless connection via radio frequency between devices. This wireless technology can transmit data and audio simultaneously at a distance.

Many newer cars have built-in Bluetooth and sensors, which use to connect to your mobile device. But even if the old cars do not have this technology, it is now very easy to integrate, as there are devices on the market with this technology that can connect to your pileup, no matter whether the past decade.

Here are some of the Bluetooth devices on the market that can make your car a little less awkward one.

One of the companies that sell car Bluetooth devices is Kinivo, whose latest gadget, the BTC455, has a simple and user-friendly design that comes with support to connect two devices, such as a smartphone and a tablet.

Both the BTC 455 and its predecessor BTC450, connect the earphone slot – to transmit audio mobile – and has a cable with a USB adapter and one for connecting to 12 volt cigarette lighter vehicle.

The BTC455 is a record of just one-half inch, affixed with Velcro to board your car or inside the console. On one side you have a microphone for hands-free calling, has a large button above to answer and end calls, pause music you’re listening by streaming from your device and active assistants voice recognition Siri and Google Voice. Two other buttons let you jump or return to a song. The device also has two LED lights to indicate it is connected, among other functions.

Another option is the Streambot And, a device worth about US $ 37 and includes an LED pantallita.

The Streambot Y is a Bluetooth device that transmits FM radio – if your car does not receive the radio signal – and connects via 12-volt cigarette lighter of your car. It does not have audio cable, which is good for old cars without auxiliary slot. But Streambot And yes comes with only a USB slot for charging your mobile device.

Having Bluetooth, it supports streaming audio and hands-free calling from your mobile. According to experts, the only bad thing is that you can not adjust the FM stations automatically. But yes you can find a station with good reception manually by simply turning the control.

All Streambot Y- controls volume, play and pause music and answer or ignore a call – are in the body of the extendible gizmo. There the middle is the LED screen where you can see the station, the volume level and microphone.

The GOgroove SmartMini Auxi is another Bluetooth device measuring only 2.5 inches wide, and its small size, can be placed comfortably on the board of your car.

Unlike Streambot And the SmartMini Auxi only connected by the auxiliary cable through the slot receiver and not the lighter. It has an integrated battery that tests our experts found lasts five hours of continuous use battery and turns itself off if it is not actively connected by Bluetooth to a device. To charge the battery, SmartMini Auxi connects via USB cigarette lighter car.

When connected directly to the auxiliary slot, the audio is clearly conveyed by the speakers of the car.

The biggest deficiency is that SmartMini Auxi has only one button to control everything, something that can frustrate users. You have to hold the button for six seconds to pair and is the same button used to answer and hang up calls.

These are just some suggestions so you can use your phone or listen to music in your car safely. Remember that technology is useful if you take care of yourself and others.

The Departed ‘will now be a series produced by Amazon Studios

Detail poster The Departed (2006).

There are stories that are born under a lucky star. This is the case of the film The Departed (2006), remake turn Asian film Infernal Affairs (2002) and now will be turned into a TV series by Amazon Studios.

The Departed won the Academy Award for best picture, best director (Martin Scorsese) and best screenplay of 2006. But, as reported by Deadline, Amazon Studios plan is to produce a reboot of the story, not make an exact remake the original film.

In the original story it happened in Hong Kong. Then in the remake – starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson – the plot took place in Boston, Massachusetts.

But the reboot of Amazon Studios will be held in Chicago, Illinois, under the police combat against the gangs that traffic drugs.

According to the article by Deadline, the TV series is set in Chicago today, amid the struggle between various ethnic criminal organizations. A young cop infiltrates a Latino gang while this band puts one of his men in the police department.

As in previous films, The Departed try new about these two infiltrators “as they try to fulfill their missions without dying in the attempt.”

The television adaptation of The Departed will be written by Jason Richman (Detroit 1-8-7) and is the second series that Amazon Studios develops based on a movie. The other is Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, who will star John Krasinski.

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