How to disable autoplay on Twitter

Twitter announced regard as “a simpler consumer experience” in which the GIFs and Vines videos when you stops within your timeline and within Twitter will play automatically. This new automatic feature is enabled by default.

In my case, the Twitter app for iOS was automatically configured for automatic playback regardless of whether it was connected to Wi-Fi or my cellular network. Fortunately, you can disable the feature in the Web version and restrict access to that function unless you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network in the application for iOS.

How to disable autoplay …

On the Web, click on the photo version of your profile in the upper right corner of the page and select Settings. Then go to the section content within the same page and remove the check mark next to “Tweets with video” indicating “Play videos automatically.” Save changes to finish.

From the app for iOS, is the nut at the top of the screen and touch it to display a menu. Select Settings and then select Autoplay. Within the new screen you will see three options, but choose the one that says “Use only Wi-Fi”. Finally, just touching OK in the top right of the screen and ready.

LG Refrigerator Signature Previous

LAS VEGAS – LG would not let win by the new modern refrigerator Samsung, which has a color touch screen on the door.

Presented Tuesday morning during a press conference at CES 2016 fair in this city, the new LG refrigerator Signature also seems to have a touch screen, but it is actually an upgrade to its previous model. When you touch, it becomes transparent and lets you see what’s inside without opening the door.

And better yet, the door opens only if you get close laden foods. If you activate the sensor foot on the bottom, hands-free access to the refrigerator. It is reported that the sensor can even determine the difference between people and pets, so do not open the door to a curious dog.

It is an elegant T type refrigerator, with a French door at the top and two doors in the freezer at the bottom, so inevitably is an expensive model. Once we know the details of the price and date of arrival on the market, we will update this information.

I hope that one of the doors of the freezer uses less cold temperatures, such as the Samsung Chef Collection, and it is interesting that does not have a dispenser in the door.

Its features, I criticized that of door-in-door in the past. Adds only a small level of convenience, but sacrifices temperature control the connected departments, but in this case I seem useful things. I like to take the time to decide what I’m going to lunch, and now I have to feel guilty about it. And the fact that the door opens automatically help me not to leave it open when I get loaded food market to place inside.

I’m curious to know exactly what is the difference between people and pets. During the demonstration, the presenter of LG had to keep your foot under the sensor a second, and perhaps that is enough to prevent your dog causes the door to open if front of the unit. But it also opens up just a little, so you need to use the elbow or knee to open the door completely.

To help mitigate the lack of uniformity of temperature on the doors, LG has coated stainless steel inside and did not change its system compressor. I like to hear that except doors, LG refrigerators we’ve tested so far kept very well the temperature level.

If the style of a transparent door next to stainless steel catches your eye, certainly it has a look of high-end, although unusual, and if you are looking for a cooler front, the unique features of this LG seem to be of great help.

Soon we will list more detailed review of the new LG refrigerator.

iPhone 7: Everything we know so far Apple’s flagship phone of 2016

Nougat Android 7.0 brings improvements in the design and intelligent functions [first impression]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [analysis]: An almost perfect curved cell

The new eReader Kobo Aura One has 4 things that do not have the Kindle

Visit the manufacturer’s site for more information.

How to give a digital book to your loved one

There is something wonderful behind the idea of ​​giving someone a book you’ve read and loved, hoping dipping into the same fascinating world that you explored in these pages.

These days, it is more likely that your family and friends are reading these texts in an e-reader like the Nook, Kindle and iPad a reality that has suddenly made the idea of ​​giving away a book in a challenge. After all, it is difficult to put a bow to a digital file.


Giving someone a digital book, however, is easier than it looks, but changes a little depending on the device that your loved one has. Once you find out, follow these instructions to give that person a digital book.

Find the Nook Book on the website of Barnes & Noble and click on “Buy as gift” (Buy as a gift, the B & N site is not available in Spanish). You have to sign up for an account – it’s a can – and then will fill a form before completing your purchase.


During the purchase process, you can choose a delivery date, so that your loved one receives your gift in the special date you choose. When you receive the digital book as a gift, your friend or relative you will have the option of claiming the book or exchange it for a gift card or Nook app. Nook offers a collection of digital books in Spanish.

Go to Amazon to find the Kindle version of the book you want to give away. Den click the “Give as Gift” (Give as a gift) button. You can choose to send the e-book by email with a date in the future, or print a receipt (which can be placed on a Christmas card). Gift button is not available on Amazon sites to Mexico or Spain, but the site for the United States there are many books in Spanish, that do offer this tool.

iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch

With an iOS device, giving digital books is a bit more complicated. You can not send gift books from the iBookstore iTunes, so instead you’ll have to buy a gift card with a note that includes the book that you recommend to your loved one.

The other option is to buy that person a Nook or Kindle book to read it and suggest using one of those free apps for iOS.

Android tablets and phones

Although Google Play does sell digital books, there is currently no way to give them away. Instead, buy your friend or family member a gift card and placed a note with the name of the book you recommend them to buy.

The other alternative is equal to iOS: Buy them a digital book Kindle, Nook or Kobo and suggest they lower the free apps of those brands.

How to give a digital book to your loved one

Samsung Gear VR: Start presale in United States

The new glasses Gear VR (2016) are now available to purchase them in advance from today, Friday, August 12, on page Amazon and Samsung in the United States.

Priced at US $ 99.99, glasses and can book to ensure you receive at home from August 19, the day that the glasses will be available in stores and in which Samsung will begin sending units reserved from from today.

The new glasses were unveiled by Samsung a few days ago, with his brand new PHABLET Galaxy Note 7. The glasses Gear VR this year are compatible with Note 7 Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy S6 Edge +, Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Galaxy, ie, high-end phones in recent years.

The new glasses do not offer many changes compared to the previous version, but if you want the latest Samsung for virtual reality, this year is for you.

Besides the new USB Type C port, the new glasses promise a much more comfortable to hold in the head body. You can read the first impressions of an expert, senior editor on this site, when he tested the glasses.

Also on Friday, the presale of Note 7 started in various parts of the world, including the United States and Mexico, here say the prices and all you need to know to buy the new Samsung phone.

How to configure the keyboard in Spanish and English on Android 5.0 Lollipop

The text autocorrect on mobile devices is a blessing or a curse.

I’m sure that at some point this function has totally changed what you wanted to say, making funny or embarrassing. Also, if you are used to write messages in different languages, Spanish and English say, you know that most often self-correction works even worse.

How to configure keyboard Android 5.0 Lollipop in Spanish and English

Fortunately, Android 5.0 Lollipop brings not only a keyboard with a new design, but also offers you the ability to configure it so you can use in different languages.

This is not a new feature and we had already seen how to configure the Android keyboard in two languages, but Android 5.0 Lollipop changes a little what we knew on the keyboard.

Sets the keyboard Lollipop Android …

Configure the keyboard to work, for example, in Spanish and English is relatively simple and can even include a key for voice commands can easily operate in different languages ​​selected.

To begin, open the device settings, select Keyboard and Language, located in the section called Personal.

Go to the Keyboard option called Google (referred to as keyboard settings Google) and then Languages. Disable the Use the system language and then select Spanish (USA) and I nglés (USA) in the section Active input methods.

Dale returned with Android button until you get back to the Language and keyboard settings. Then select Dictator Google Voice> Languages. Select Inglés (US) and Spanish (USA). Return to Language and keyboard settings, select Current keyboard and then select keyboards. Make sure the Google voice typing option is enabled so that you have the ability to make dictations.

And ready. After this you can start using the keyboard in both languages. You’ll notice that your keyboard now includes a microphone at the top right of the keyboard (on the last row of the keyboard) and a key with a world icon located on the lower left side, right next to the space bar. Generally, when the microphone key does not appear, the icon is located directly in the field where we will enter text because the application integrates voice functionality, so it does not necessarily depend on the keyboard.

On the other hand, if you select the key on the microphone, the voice command is activated and you can start talking.

A useful tip is that when you hold down a vowel the possibility of entering it with accents or other options enabled.

Personally, I like to keep this setting to improve a little self-correction in English and Spanish and to use voice commands in both languages, while maintaining installed the original Android keyboard.

For more news about the new version of Android look at our guide tips and tricks Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Do you have other tips or questions? write me an e-mail or leave your comments below.

Prevents your Facebook friends know that you have read a message

We have all felt the pressure to respond immediately after opening a message, knowing that the sender can see that you’ve read. Or the anger that breaks out inside after sending a message, see that they have read and did not receive any response.

While in theory read receipts seem to be a smart move, sometimes they subtract more than they add.

Prevents your Facebook friends know that …

When installing Chat for Facebook Privy your Android device, you can check incoming messages from Facebook without fear.

The application needs to greatly improve both the user interface and in terms of the features (you can not start a new conversation from the application or look attachments), but delivers what it promises.

An icon of a closed eye with an incoming message in the application indicates that the message has not yet been marked as read, while an open eye indicates that the sender can see that you’ve read.

I recommend adding the application shortcut to one of your home screens and use it to read incoming messages. You can also answer them directly from the application and, thus, all messages in the conversation are marked as read.

How to tell if a page has corrected heartbleed

Heartbleed has been of the greatest vulnerabilities of digital security we have seen and can be very confusing for many. Fortunately, we have seen how we can protect ourselves from this security flaw and we have submitted a list of some sites have corrected this vulnerability. Although our list really helps, we can not place all the web pages that exist in the world because it would probably be almost infinite.

To see if any specific page has been affected by heartbleed, you can visit the page LastPass or you can just download the extension Chromebleed specially designed for the Chrome web browser.

How to tell if a page has corrected heartbleed

The application also allows you to activate notifications of every page you visit. To do this, just give right click on the application icon in the Chrome toolbar, then> Options and select Show all Notifications.

I had the opportunity to test the extension for a couple of days and I warned about a couple of pages. It is very difficult to ensure that works perfectly, but it can be a tool extra security to protect you.

The new Intel chip PC claims to be the fastest and will arrive this fall

The glory days of the PC industry, when people buy new computers powered by ever-faster chips, are over. But Intel thinks his latest PC processor will win some hearts in the coming months.

During its developer conference Intel Developer Forum to be held in San Francisco, Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, demonstrated on Tuesday PCs powered by the seventh generation Core processor. PCs were dealing with intensive tasks, such as editing high-resolution 4K video captured by a GoPro camera and playing the first-person shooter Overwatch.

Is the “CPU outperforms Intel has ever built,” said Krzanich. “We are already distributing the seventh-generation Core chips to our partners and launch PC devices to market this fall.”

The seventh-generation Core processor, which receives the codename of Kaby Lake, is the first chip for PCs that has come out since Intel decided to slow down its development of processors. Previously he presented new chip designs and new manufacturing technology, but Kaby Lake refines an existing design with an existing manufacturing process.

The constant improvement in the speed of processors has stagnated, however, as PC sales have fallen and consumers have flocked to smartphones powered by chips from other companies. But Krzanich remains optimistic in view of Moore’s Law, the observation named after Intel co-founder Gordon Moore that the number of electronic components on a chip doubles every two years.

“Moore’s Law is far from dead,” Krzanich said.

Process of buying an Apple Watch in stores will be ‘magical’

Apple will have a process of “magic” buy to buy the Apple Watch, according to sources the site 9to5Mac. According to the report, the purchase process will be very similar to other apple products, albeit with some changes, including coated glass tables and other tables to test different combinations watch strap.

Users will have two options to test the clock. With the first, you can make an appointment from Apple’s App Store for iOS or from the website of the store and decide what day they want to go to the store and be greeted by a specialist. The second option is without an appointment, upon arrival, the customer can see the availability of time specialist and make an appointment on the same day.

When the person already made the appointment –from the app or tienda–, the specialist will show the two economic versions of the clock on a wooden table covered with glass inside which are the different versions and combinations. 9to5Mac even got sketches of how would these tables.

Once the customer arrives at the store, the specialist will get to display the clock in which they are interested. Watches, protected by glass table always show the main functions. Apple calls this “Magic Screen”, according to 9to5Mac. Once the user chose the watch, the specialist will send it to another table to put it in your hand and test combinations.

The section to test the clock is a table with different versions of Apple Watch, as well as a protective surface to place there watches and some cloth to clean the screen-each Apple Store will have these sections, although its size will depend on the store size. These Apple Watch will also test and the displays will show some features, but also be modified to allow the buyer to interact and answer the clock.

Once the buyer decided what to watch buy, the specialist invited to meet Apple accessories and third as hearing aids, belts and other products. In addition, the consultant will invite the consumer to buy an AppleCare + insurance that protects the watch for two more years.

These two modes – appointment appointment online and in person – are for people who want to try the watch and its varieties. For people who already know what to watch will buy, the stores will have an area called Landing Zone, where users can get, choose and pay his watch.

The Apple Watch goes on presale on April 10, and arrives at some stores in a few countries on 24 April. Its starting price is $ 249, although the price of a gold-plated version is more than US $ 10,000.

How to force you to go to the gym – technology gives you a hand

I get it. Go to the gym before or after a long day of work is difficult. It is so difficult that may not go to the gym as often as you want (ie, perhaps almost never go, like most mortals).

But if the will alone is not enough to make lifting the chair, what will motivate you to exercise? Money or shame, of course!

1. Make a Pact (o)

Then I’ll tell you how you can use technology to force you to exercise – even when the couch seems to be calling your name.

PACT (Android, iOS), formerly known as GymPact is an app that rewards you for going to the gym, count your calories and eat vegetables. If you reach your goals in PACT, you can earn money each week. But where does that money go? Well, of all persons who have not reached their goals during that week. That’s because if you do not go to the gym, or You enter your data in MyFitnessPal food, or raise enough pictures of you eating a salad, you have to pay a fine Pact. So, if money is an incentive. Pact deserves to take a look.

2. Use social networks

If you prefer not to include money in the equation, because you know that you will fail and end up losing a lot of money, you can try other ways to achieve your goals, such as Facebook, Twitter or any social network of your choice. You can configure a IFTTT recipe with the channel location of your mobile device, so that when you arrive and enter a gym, IFTTT publish a status update on your Facebook or post a tweet to tell your friends and followers, in fact, you are exercising.

If you do not go to the gym, you should at least have walked 10,000 steps, right? IFTTT connects to many monitors physical activity, including Fitbit, Misfit, Nike +, Jawbone Up and Withings. So, instead of updating your status on Facebook about your visits to the gym, you can create a recipe that sends an update on your social networks every time you reach a goal of physical activity, recorded from your bracelet.

3. Use a monitor physical activity

The good – or bad depends on how you see – monitors physical activity is that these gadgets can update your status if you run into not reach your daily goal for the sole purpose of causing you embarrassment.

How to force you to go to the gym – technology …