Include Project promotes diversity in Silicon Valley

Include Project team are Y-Vonne Hutinson, Ellen Pao, Erica Baker, Laura I. Gomez, Bethanye McKinney Blount, Tracy Chou and Freada Kapor Klein. Foul pictured Susan Wu.

Many technology companies in Silicon Valley are successful with their products, services and the stock market. However, most gets bad grades for the diversity of its labor body. Include Project is a new attempt to solve that.

Include Project, a non profit organization, he began operations Tuesday with the aim of helping executives of small and medium entrepreneurs to include technology and support diversity as a fundamental part of the company. The organization will provide perspectives, recommendations and tools to its customers in order to increase the number of black people, Hispanic, women who identify as gay, bisexual or transgender, among other underrepresented groups.

The eight founding members, all women, including, among others, executive Ellen Pao, who lost their demand for gender discrimination at the firm venture capital where he worked, to Freada Kapor Klein, a partner at Kapor Center that invests in technology under-represented communities, and Mexican Laura I. Gomez, founder and executive chairman of Atipica, an entrepreneur who seeks to improve employee recruitment algorithms.

I feel very honored to work with these women because collectively have over 150 years of experience in technology, “Gomez said by phone this afternoon.” Each has its narrative and brings a lot to our goal of promoting diversity. ”

Gomez explained that became involved in what form to be Project Include in December 2015. Almost five months later launched a Web site with seven areas of recommendations for implementation in companies of 25 to 1,000 employees.

The whole effort was made voluntarily, in the hours after the founders were off work. Gomez shared his collaboration with Project Include not have to do with his work with Atipica.

The help provide Project Include comes at an opportune time for companies, since the numbers of employees represented appears to be stagnant. Even giant Intel reported last February that low retention Latinos lost. Gomez explained that its recommendations suggestions on how to retain employees are. She added that seek to increase diversity in all branches of companies, from engineering to operations.

“We all know the numbers and the challenges facing companies to increase their diversity, then we decided to take action,” said the young 37, previously used companies like Jawbone, Twitter and YouTube.

This is just the beginning of the project to include more people in different companies, Gomez said, assuring that it will be an evolutionary process.

In his few hours of life, Project Include already shown interest and attention of technology companies and venture capitalists who want to learn from them, reported The New York Times.

Gomez, who was born in the city of Leon, Mexico, shared that feels proud of the effort in launching the project. most however, you would like to see the day when an organization like this is not needed.

“I am hopeful that a Project Include not exist in 20 or 30 years, because we will have more Latino startup founders, executives and venture capitalists,” she said.

The government no longer needs to Apple: iPhone 5C unblocked San Bernardino

It’s official: Apple is now free.

The United States Department of Justice, with the help of a third party, has successfully access data stored on a phone used by one of the terrorists responsible for the bombing of December in San Bernardino, California, as revealed in a document filed with a court in Los Angeles on Monday. The government says it no longer needs the help of Apple to unlock the iPhone 5C used by Syed Farook, and that he has asked the judge Sheri Pym judge to revoke the order that forced Apple to work on the case.

We sought an order compelling Apple to help unlock the phone to fulfill a solemn commitment to the victims of the shooting in San Bernardino, a commitment that we will not rest until we have pursued in full each line of research related to this cruel attack “he said Justice Department said in a statement.” While this step in the research is completed, we will continue exploring each track, and seek any appropriate legal process, to ensure that research meets all evidence relating to this terrorist attack . San Bernardino victims deserve no less. ”

Apple did not comment immediately.

This update comes a week after the Justice Department had requested a postponement at the hearing that Apple would and a week before the deadline that of the government to update the court on the matter.

Last week, the US Department of Justice he asked a judge to cancel the hearing scheduled for Tuesday to discuss it if Apple should create a software that would allow the FBI to unlock an iPhone 5C linked to the terrorist attack in San Bernardino in December. In a surprise revelation, the government said an unidentified third party had offered researchers a method that could give them access to data on the phone. He requested time to explore this alternative method to access the iPhone.

The move Monday the Department of Justice ends a standoff between the technology giant and the government by a single iPhone, which has encouraged a wider and much more at stake debate. Technology companies and rights groups strongly support that encryption – hiding the data so that can only be obtained by the right person – is needed to keep people safe and protect your privacy. Authorities allege crimes can not be combated unless access to information on mobile devices have.

How to catch a powerful pokémon without escape

Go Pokémon is more complicated than it seems. Although at first glance it seems that art need not have to catch a pokémon, this is not true. The pokémons can escape and can make it very difficult to catch, which can spend a few Pokeballs.

Each Pokemon has a degree of difficulty according to their points of combat. When you find a Pokemon walking around town and you are ready to catch him, you must look at the PC and the ring surrounding the pokémon. This will depend on your strategy.

If the pokémon has a ring of green, use a normal pokeball and throw as you always do. You must wait for the ring is at its smallest size to throw the pokeball. When the ring is yellow, you have a little more difficulty and probably have to try to catch it more than once.

But what to do when the pokémon has a ring of orange or red and has more than 500 PC? We tell you some tricks you can use so you can catch them without you escape.

Remember, the type of pokémons you find depends on your level. The higher your level coach, more pokémons more PC will find.

If you find a Magmar with a PC 750, the first thing you have to do is stop in a comfortable and safe place. Try not to block the passage so you wont have any accident. Catching one of these pokémons sometimes takes time and requires patience.

The first thing to do is throw a berry Frambu, which increase the chances of you catch the pokémon and decrease the possibility of escape. Do not worry, not to do this you have to master any técnia as these fruits will always get the pokémon you’re trying to catch. Berry Frambu is obtained in pokéstops and only serves for a release of pokebola. This means you can use it more than once if the pokémon leaves the pokebola or evades your launch repeated occasions.

The Pokeballs Super Ball are very useful to catch pokémons powerful.

These types of Pokeballs are for advanced coaches and are designed to catch pokémons with very high combat points PC. The Super Ball Pokeballs the get from level 12. Ultra Ball at level 20 and the Master Ball at a higher level not yet know.

As these types of Pokeballs are not as common or easy to obtain as normal Pokeballs, we recommend that you use only when you really need them. Try to use with PC pokémons high because usually normal Pokeballs are useless in these cases.

To activate a Super Ball you must go to Objects and choose the option that corresponds to Super Ball. That will be activated and you can catch that Tauros with combat power PC 800. These Pokeballs simply make things easier and do not guarantee that you go to catch the first attempt.

If you want to know more about Pokémon Go tricks, check out our guide to the game.

What other tricks you want to learn? Tell us in the comments below.

The Health iPhone app: a comprehensive guide

Complete my exercise routine in an app called 7 Minute Workout, but also record my physical activity in Argus. My FitBit account my steps and Instant Heart Rate monitor my heart rate. My health data are scattered everywhere – well, they were scattered – until he came Health.

Health, an app designed by Apple and integrated into iOS 8 gives us a way to finally unify health data from different apps in one place.

Build your dashboard

Often you will see that Health is mentioned in the context of calorie counting and monitoring of physical activity, but this platform is designed for much more. It can help to monitor other areas of your health, such as vitamin intake (to manage vitamin deficiency, for example), glucose monitoring and sleep, and even vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure.

While increasingly dependent on apps and devices that can be synchronized to monitor our health, Apple wants its users to understand what they actually mean this data. And maybe someday, they can share this information with doctors.

The secret weapon of Health

Health is an aggregator designed to collect data, and not to provide them. Most of the time, the data displayed on your dashboard is based on information coming from other apps. However, there are two exceptions: Stepped counting steps and stairs climbed.

Using the motion sensor iPhone 5S, 6 or 6 Plus, Health can record your steps without the help of an app or external device such as a FitBit. The same occurs with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus – both devices can record the steps uploaded when using the built-in barometer.

The Health iPhone app: a comprehensive guide

This is where it gets fun. In the Health app, go to the Sources tab (sources). If you have installed compatible apps, this is where you grant them permission to display your data in Health.

To display data to my health and physical activity in the Health panel, you must do the following

To find apps that are compatible with Health, go to the App Store, then you go to the Health and Fitness category (health and physical activity) and find the section titled Apps for Health.

The key feature of Health is its ability to allow apps “talk” to each other. When you grant permissions to apps on the Sources tab, you will see two categories: Write (write) and Read (read). The category of writing allows you to Health import data while reading the category Health allows export that data.

When you enable write permissions, apps can take data from other apps. For example: use the balance FitBit Aria to track your weight, now it reports to Health. Also perform exercise routines in the 7 Minute Workout app, you have configured to write data to read calories burned and your weight. With these options set 7 Minute Workout can access weight are you registered to calculate correctly how many calories you’ve burned.

The examples are endless, and the platform will become more useful as developers integrate their apps to Health. Apps as Argus have tried to provide the same function of interaction between apps, but has not had the tools to take off and be successful.

Configure your medical ID

If you ever have a medical emergency, your Medical ID (medical ID) can be used to determine your identity and access your health history. Medical personnel can view this data through your blocked to give a touch to Emergency Medical ID and then screen.

When Health not work

This is just the beginning for Health, and it is clear that the app has a long way to go. Most disappointing is the fact that users can not export their data. Health to be truly useful, users should be able to save your data in spreadsheets and export them to other applications.

Health could increase a little more useful. Under Health Data> All, there are a lot of types of data, but Apple fails to show users how they can use this data. In an ideal situation, Apple should offer recommendations apps as they become available.

And finally, it would be useful if Apple will allow users to lock the app with TouchID.

Modern Model X suffers a failure and prevents its luxurious doors open

Perhaps such currency is not so good.

A failure in the Tesla Model X has caused their drivers look disabled to open or close the doors elegant “falcon wings” (falcon wing), as reported by TechCrunch.

The problem is not global, but it would have been a significant number of drivers of electric car valued at US $ 132.000. The source site might know that one of the failures was related to the inability to make the latch blocked the door to close, leaving open the stylish wing without possibility that the auto undertake the march hawk.

The report says the problem has gone further, to the point where windows can not be closed and doors that do not allow their drivers out. The Wall Street Journal also reported several cases known of this problem, but so far it is not known exactly how many are affected.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a request for comment, therefore, the magnitude of the failure is unknown and if due to a software problem or hardware of the vehicle. The company itself told Techcrunch that the problem was not widespread.

This has not been the best month Tesla had to remove a lot of vehicles due to a failure in the reclining seats that caused the chagrin of many of his buyers. In January, Teslademandó to the company that made the doors that now cause the problem, for alleged poor quality of them.

Previous Garmin HR VivoActive

Garmin has strengthened its smartwatch both in terms of design and functionality. The HR VivoActive shows a complete design change against the original VivoActive, a clock that once praised for being slim and stylish. The new watch, however, incorporates an optical sensor heart rate, which can be uncomfortable when you put it on your wrist.

Priced at US $ 250, this watch is part smartwatch, part monitor physical activity and part sports watch. You can show incoming calls, text messages, emails and calendar alerts that have arisen in your smartphone directly to your wrist. It is also able to keep track of your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep.

New this year includes the ability to watch to keep track of the scaled floors and minutes of more intense activity. It is also smart enough to automatically recognize when you’re walking, running, cycling, swimming, or even if you are skiing or snowboarding.

Detailed information on these activities and workouts can be viewed on the Garmin Connect app for Android and iOS. The application also provides intelligent personalized training and feedback on your activities and competitions to which you can join with other Garmin users.

The battery life seems to be pretty good. Unlike other smartwatches on the market, the VivoActive HR may last up to eight days with a single charge, or 13 hours with active GPS signal. That’s better than the Fitbit Surge, with similar characteristics, that only lasts five hours with a GPS or about seven days without the activated signal.

The watch also includes access to Garmin app store (called Connect IQ), where users can download third-party applications, widgets and wallpapers. Other notable features of the HR VivoActive include an always-on touch screen that is visible under direct sunlight, vibration alerts for notifications and a silent alarm, and interchangeable watch straps.

Is expected to VivoActive HR begin to reach their first buyers in mid-April for a price of $ 250, the bands that are sold as accessories will be available in black, white, yellow and red for $ 30 each.

iPhone 7: Everything we know so far Apple’s flagship phone of 2016

Nougat Android 7.0 brings improvements in the design and intelligent functions [first impression]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 [analysis]: An almost perfect curved cell

The new eReader Kobo Aura One has 4 things that do not have the Kindle

How to enable ‘God Mode’ to see more content on Netflix

Many Netflix users are fed up of having to click on the arrows on the right to view in landscape mode Netflix content on your PC and find the TV show or movie you are looking for. If you are one of those, there is a tool you can use in your browser to save all that work.

Created by a developer named Renan Cakirerk, or bookmarklet tool creates a form he calls “Netflix God Mode” (literally, God Mode Netflix). That means that instead of having to deal with a long list of titles by which you have to click to navigate, you can see all the titles within the same category in one view. That means you’ll still scroll vertically, but it is much easier.

How to enable ‘God Mode’ to see more …

The process for enabling God Mode Netflix works as follows

Netflix home page will be updated automatically so that you can see all the titles in the same category or genre. Now just scroll down to see all.

Note that this tool Netflix God Mode only works in a computer browser, so you have to move the traditional way (horizontally) on your phone, game console or other devices other than a PC.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter and The Verge)

Jawbone, maker of ‘wearables’ demand Fitbit

It seems that lawyers Jawbone and Fitbit have a good use for measuring physical activity of both companies in the California courts.

The company Jawbone, one of the most recognized in the technology sector dress names, filed a lawsuit in California against rival Fitbit, accusing her of having hired several former employees who downloaded confidential company information before joining the competition , according to The New York Times.

Earlier this month it was announced that Fitbit is preparing to go to the Stock Exchange of New York, seeking to raise up to US $ 100 million. Founded in October 2007 by James Park and Eric Friedman, Fitbit makes devices that monitor physical activity as well as a popular app to measure the exercise, which is compatible with multiple operating systems.

According to market research firm NPD Group, Fitbit was the company that sold more monitors physical activity in the United States last year, capturing a market share of 68 percent of the market based on dollars.

In the first quarter of 2015 were sold 7 million bracelets physical activity and, according to Canalys, another research firm, Fitbit remains the industry leader.

Jawbone, which makes devices like the Up3, Up2 and Up4 (monitor exercise, heart rate and to make payments, respectively), is direct competition from Fitbit. Jawbone accuses recruiters to contact Fitbit up to a third of the workforce Jawbone this year. Some of those employees, says the Times, decided to leave the company, but before doing downloaded financial information and business plans Jawbone.

According to the newspaper, some of these former employees were hired by Jawbone Fitbit. Before leaving, they received or downloaded confidential company information.

Jawbone representatives said the company has no comment beyond the lawsuit.

This site also contacted Fitbit to request a comment on the legal action, but at the time of publication of this article the company had not answered.

Nougat Android 7.0 final version available for download

Nougat Android version (7.0) Developer Preview 5 is available from today, Monday, for developers with a compatible device registered in the Google test program.

The update will be available gradually, it is the latest beta that will Android Nougat before its public release, which is expected in the fall of this year, hand possible launch of one or two phones Nexus.

The documentation of the fifth version of the Developer Preview, Google says developers should continue to test their applications to ensure full compatibility between apps and the new operating system. This beta also includes a simulator for developers to test their apps.

Google reconfirmed the inclusion of new emoji in Android Nougat. Moreover, it emphasizes that apps should be compatible with the new features of Nougat, as Doze on the Go, optimization running in the background, screen zoom, permission changes, the multiwindow support and answers on notifications.

Compatible devices with the Android Developer Preview 5 Nougat are the Nexus 6, Nexus 5X 6P Nexus, Nexus 9, Pixel C devices and phones on the Android One program with General Mobile 4G. Google did not mention this time compatibility with Sony Xperia.

Nougat Android is the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, the most widely used mobile platform worldwide. However, the problem is most compatible devices take long to receive the update … or perhaps never receive. Marshmallow Android (6.0), the latest public version, has 13.3 percent share in Android, almost a year of being available.

Samsung Pay arrives in Brazil on July 19

Samsung Pay, the payment service created by the South Korean manufacturer, arrives in Brazil from July 19.

In a statement, Samsung said that the service will be compatible with Banco do Brasil, Brazil prepayments, Caixa, Porto Seguro and Santander banks, although most financial institutions will join the service in the future.

Compatible phones Samsung Pay in Brazil are the Galaxy S7, S7 Edge Galaxy, Galaxy Note 5 Galaxy S6 Edge +, Galaxy Galaxy A5 and A7 2016.

The arrival of Samsung Pay to Brazil means that people with credit cards these banks only have to link them to Samsung Pay app on their phones to make payments. Then they can rub his cell phone on a cash register with a reader NFC (near field communication) technology or using magnetic secure transmission (MST, for its acronym in English) to accept payment.

The MST technology, which allows the box can still connect to cell, is an advantage that Samsung Pay on the iPhone Apple Pay phones that can be used at any cash register that accepts credit cards.

Brazil is the second country in Latin Samsung Pay receiving this month, just behind Puerto Rico received payment platform this week. Also, Samsung Pay extended its presence in Spain a few weeks ago.

Samsung Pay is available in a total of eight countries – South Korea, United States, China, Spain, Singapore, Australia, Puerto Rico and Brazil is the official list.

The South Korean giant said that the arrival in Brazil is to take advantage of the growth of mobile payments in the Amazonian country, because in 2015 11.000 million transactions were processed from a smartphone in Brazil, compared to 4,700 million the previous year, according to figures cited by Samsung.

In the video, below, you can see how Samsung Pay works compared to Apple Pay.